iSyncr provides a clean, easy iTunes and Android syncing interface

As I’ve chronicled in this space, the search for the best Android media syncing app has been a long one. For a while I settled with doubleTwist, and that worked well for what it was. But the more I used it the more I got annoyed by the minor bugs, and eventually I was manually managing my music. That’s not what I want, since playlist sync is high on my list of desires. And so I looked around and found a few that appeared worthy. When I read Phandroid’s walk-through of iSyncr, I knew it had potential. Once I tried it, I was hooked. It’s such a simple solution, and it doesn’t require you to install an additional media manager on your computer.

The way the app works is actually quite clever. When you first run the app it walks you through a tutorial, so you’ll know what to do right away. The process involves installing iSyncr on your SD card. That’s where you’ll run the app, so you’ll need to mount the card. From there you just click on the iSyncr icon, and you’ll see a new window pop up. It should look familiar, as it contains all the sections of your iTunes library, including Music, Movies, TV Shows, Podcasts, Books, your playlists, and more. From there syncing is easy.

Before you start syncing, I recommend jumping into the options screen and making sure that everything is set up the way you want it. For instance, you might want a quicker sync that doesn’t include album art. You can uncheck that box.

I also like to have it remember my synced playlists. There is an option on the main screen, Remove Music Not In These Playlists, which I think defines sync. I want the app to sync my checked playlists and delete from my device playlists I no longer want present. Still, I’m forgetful and will sometimes neglect to sync a playlist that is already on my device. By checking the remember synced playlists option, I can ensure that I keep the playlists I want and get rid of the ones I don’t.

The only thing this app doesn’t do is sync individual songs via a drag-and-drop interface. That’s one thing I did like about doubleTwist. But making playlists is incredibly easy, so this is just one added step. Considering the superior and simple interface, it’s one I don’t mind taking. This really has been my go-to media manager for the past week now, and unless there is a robust, fully functional iTunes clone in the offing I think I’ll stick with it. (Though I have enjoyed Instinctiv.)

Here’s where we get to the only complicated part: which version to choose. You can get iSyncr for both PC and Mac, which is a nice feature. You can also get a lite version (Mac and PC. That does limit you to 20 items per playlist, and one playlist at a time. Because of this I just had to dole out the $ 2.99 for the full version (PC and Mac. I haven’t gotten it yet, but you can get a WiFi add-on that allows you to do all of this over the air. That costs 99 cents.

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iSyncr provides a clean, easy iTunes and Android syncing interface

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