Protect sensitive information on your Android with Advanced App Locker

Our smartphones are personal devices, and so we store plenty of personal information on them. There are many ways to protect your device, including a password on the lock screen. But if you’re like me, your phone goes to the lock screen quite often. It can be quite a pain to enter a password in every time. I’ve seen a few apps that allow you to password protect certain parts of your device. The xda blog recently featured an app that lets you lock your device using a number of different methods. I suggest giving it a run if you’re looking for an alternative device locking implementation.

Advanced App Locker lets you put any number of apps into a protected locker that will require a certain type of pass key. The best part is that it doesn’t have to be a password or a PIN, though it certainly can be. Those are two of the options for protection. There is also the blank screen method, which is one that I think makes this app stand out. When you try to open the protected app you get a blank screen. That is supposed to confuse would-be intruders. But you know to tap the top right corner of the screen X number of times, with X being a number you define. I’d far rather tap the top of my screen four times when accessing certain apps than entering in a password every time I wan to unlock it.

Here’s a video demo of the app.

You can get the free version of Advanced App Locker from the Market. There is also a PRO version, which adds another way to unlock your protected apps.

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Protect sensitive information on your Android with Advanced App Locker

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