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An Introduction RPG Games for Beginners

There are plenty of people out there who claim that they are  hardcore gamers, people who spend countless hours on counter strike or Team Fortress 2, but not actually trying out other genres of games. I guess you can categorize the different types of gamers out there; FPS gamers, RPG gamers, or RTS gamers. I believe that being a true hardcore gamer, you’d have to be good at every game you play and be able to pick up on the game play right away.

I figured that with this article, I would discuss about the different gamers out there and their preferred games. The reason for this is because in RPGs (role playing games), it usually requires you take a character’s part (step into their role) and plan out how the character will grow through-out the game. For instance, if you’ve ever played any of the final fantasy series game, you’d know that you’re  controlling a team of fantasy characters such as wizards, warriors, archers, etc. MMORPGs are pretty much RPGs but played online. There are hundreds of thousands playing world of warcraft all over the world trying to build their character to have the best stats and have the best equipment.

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