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Is Verizon pulling an end around?

This seems a bit curious, and there might actually be something behind it. I read a few places on Monday that Verizon was raising its regulatory charge by 3 cents on July 1. Most outlets covering speculated that you could perhaps terminate your Verizon contract pursuant to this new rate. That’s always interesting. No one likes being contractually bound to a cellular carrier, and so the ability to clip your contract and free yourself can feel liberating. But this does seem a bit odd. Terminating your contract over a 3 cent rate raise? Something’s up.

The Consumerist is always on things like this. As expected, they laid out the route for you. Call up customer service and ask for the Retention Department. You can then point out the fee raise — call it a material adverse change, since that’s the language in the contract — and apparently they will let you walk with no early termination fee. You can then play the field and check out what Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and even prepaid carriers such as Cricket and MetroPCS, have to offer. Ah, but be careful what you wish for, my grandmother always told me.

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